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Rules & Policies


When Your Child Arrives at our Facility: 

  • To drop off or pick up students, please pull into a parking space

  • Arrive on time, check in at the front desk, and read message board for updated information about classes, events, etc. 

While You are at our Facility: 

  • All parents and siblings should remain in the viewing area or behind the railing.​

  • Only enrolled students are allowed on the equipment (the gym floor is equipment).

  • We need your child's full attention! Please help us by not talking to them from the viewing area.

Parent's Responsibilities


  • Registration Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE)

    • This fee is an administration fee and is required to reserve a space in a desired class. We reserve the right to cancel or combine the classes if a minimum enrollment is not met.

  • Refund Policy

    • New students attending their first session - we will refund 100% of the unused class fees if unsatisfied. No refunds after the first session, only credit for unused class fees will be applied to your account after we have been notified of dropping. ​

  • Payment Deadline

    • Payment for current students is due on or before each session's deadline. All classes will be filled on a first come first serve basis.​

  • A service fee of $30.00 will be charged for all returned checked.

  • We do not prorate for missed classes.

  • WE GIVE!

    • We offer family discounts, multiple class discounts, military discounts. 

    • We give $5.00 tuition certificates if you tell a friend and they put your name as a referral on the registration form. 

Missed Classes - Makeup Policy: 

  • Call and let us know your child will be absent.

  • We will try to schedule a makeup time in another class or you may use Open Gym at no charge (Saturdays 11:00-12:00).

Dropping Classes: 

  • If you are not continuing with classes, please inform the front desk, either in person or by phone. ​

Child's Health: 

  • Inform us of any long term medical problems your child has (asthma, allergies, etc.)

  • Inform us of any illness your child has recently had (ear infection, chicken pox, flu, etc.)

Inclement Weather

  • At times we close classes due to inclement weather, at other times we leave it to the discretion of the parent if the child comes to class.

  • Check DMG's Instagram, Facebook, and website to find closings.

  • Please call the gym at 765-446-8446 for updated information.


  • Dance Moves & Gymnastics is willing to change for the betterment of the program. Your comments are always welcome. 

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